RPM POWER R400 Serpentine Tensioner

RPM POWER R400 Serpentine Tensioner

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RPM Tensioner
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Plug and Play serpentine tensioner upgrade for MINI Cooper S/JCW N14 & N18 engines. Are you tired of constantly dealing with broken drive belts and the costly damages they cause? RPM has the ultimate solution that will put an end to this frustrating problem once and for all. And a solution that doesn't delete Air Conditioning and offers a very easy service access with no need of special tool!

Product list supplied with default purchase order:

  • Tensioner kit assembly (CNC Machined from Billet T6 6061)
  • Shorter bolts for alternator (After OEM Tensioner removal)
  • New drive belt

If you want the assembly anodized in preferred color, service is offered at 120USD and have a lead time of at least 10 business days. Please specify with your order.

Note: Does not come with idler pulley, it is designed to reuse existing OEM idler pulley. You will need to transfer it over!

Product development insights:

After extensive research and testing, we discovered a major flaw in the OEM tensioner assembly, particularly in vehicles with upgraded turbos, higher torque and higher revving engines. The belt would shred during  street driving, dyno sessions or racing events, leaving drivers stranded and facing expensive repairs.  We meticulously investigated the cause and developed a proper permanent solution that validated itself on test vehicle with 400ftlbs torque and powerband to 8000rpm.

Our R400 serpentine tensioner kit is specifically designed to provide maximum overlap at all pulleys, ensuring a consistent grip on the belt and allowing for stable voltage charge thru entire powerband. No more belt slippage and shredding, no matter how aggressively you drive or how high you rev. Not only does our tensioner kit solution eliminate the need for constant belt replacements, but it also prevents consequential damages. Imagine never having to deal with a towed vehicle or a messy engine bay due to a shredded belt again.

Don't settle for temporary fixes or subpar solutions like a higher cost belt, its never been a belt issues. Invest in our serpentine Tensioner kit and enjoy worry-free driving on a long term. Say goodbye to broken drive belts and all consequences related with it.

This will work just as well on stock vehicle, but highly recommended for vehicles with increased performance.

Made in Canada.

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