RPM POWER Engine Management Big Turbo Kit

RPM POWER Engine Management Big Turbo Kit

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RPM Big Turbo Kit
70.00 LBS
$350.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Currently out of stock till the new kit comes out!

RPM POWER Engine Management R400 Big Turbo Kit for the MINI Cooper N14/N18 Engine

The R400 Turbo Kit was designed to fit like OEM, look like OEM and keep the turbocharger in OEM position. Doing so, we achieved superior quality install and further servicing easier. This setup does not require trimming into the hood (bonnet) or radiator support to accommodate a bigger turbocharger. In order to achieve this goal, we had to relocate some parts from their original place. We CAD designed an oil filter relocation setup that helped us eliminate the factory oil filter housing and gained the required space for a tubular exhaust manifold. Original filter housing was replaced with a more compact and more efficient engine oil system.

Setup consists of a filter housing adapter, oil filter module, -10AN size oil lines wrapped in heat protection sleeves, oil cooler located under the front upper grill. Coolant lines for the turbo are custom fabricated from 304 grade stainless steel banjo bolts, banjo bungs and stainless-steel hard line. Turbo drain line features seamless 5/8 mandrel bent tube and T6 6061 billet aluminum CNC machined flange. BMW OEM rubber joint connection to drain fitting at the new filter housing adapter. No shortcuts were taken for parts quality to develop this.  This has been tested with over 10,000 miles on day to day and track use.

There are 2 versions of turbos to choose from:

  • 32lbs/min for OEM fuel setup
  • 42lbs/min for upgraded fuel system 

Note: It is mandatory to heat wrap hot parts. We experimented with ceramic coat with good results, but old school DEi heat wrap works better.

Note: Ceramic coat is not included in the price, but can be quoted upon request. We always have material for main parts in stock. Downpipe and a few custom options remain to be completed based on customers’ request.

After an order is placed, please allow one to two weeks to prep everything and test fit prior to shipping. You will be informed and updated with work progress.

The Kit Includes:

Oil Filter Relocation Kit w/ Oil Cooler (CAD Designed specifically for the MINI Cooper S N14-N18)

  • CNC Machined Billet Plate, Port matched adapter to engine w/ -10 ORB Fittings (w/ one port for N18 Pressor Sensor)
  • CNC Machined Oil Filter Module w/ -10 ORB Fittings
  • Oil Cooler w/ CNC Machined Billet End Tanks w/ High-Quality Core w/ Aluminum Bar &Plate Construction
  • All main oil ports are machined for -10 ORB Fittings
  • -10AN hose ends w/ braided nylon/stainless steel inner reinforced hose wrapped in heat resistant sleeves
  • Billet end tanks feature four M6x1.0 Bungs
  • 2X Billet mounting brackets 
  • 2X 3D printed upper brackets that grip onto the radiator edge (coolant radiator) to help with cooler alignment during install (3D printed material will sustain up to 120-140 C)
  • All hardware required to complete the install

Turbo Manifold

  • CAD Designed port match to OEM gasket, CNC machined flange from 304 Grade Stainless steel
  • V Band turbine housing, cast 304 Grade SS
  • CNC Machined from 304SS billet merge collector
  • Cast stainless steel tubular runners
  • Tig welded and back purged
  • Custom dual ball bearing turbo R42 or R47 (option below 350WHP and over 400WHP combined with secondary fuel support) stainless steel Turbine housing V Band 0.63AR)
  • Custom fabricated water lines with stainless steel lines and fittings
  • PTFE -4AN oil line and fittings
  • CNC Machined from billet T6 601 turbo drain flange and 5/8 seamless aluminum line with high temp rubber end
  • Charge pipe after turbo to intercooler with BOV flange (TurboSmart Vee Port - adjustable spring tension)
  • Silicone couplers for charge pipe with necessary clamps
  • V Band downpipe with recirculated or vented to atmosphere with waste gate setup
  • V Band TurboSmart waste-gate or TIAL MV-S 38mm, OPTION ON REQUEST when placing the order example (
  • TurboSmart Vee Port Compact blow off valve - Included (
  • 3" Turbo Inlet Silicone coupler and Charge pipe before MAF, Hose Clamps to connect to existing cold intake setup (Pictures to be shared from customer)

All required hardware for install will be included.

Note: an external boost controller is also required to operate the external wastegate. Factory boost control, uses a vacuum system to operate an internal wastegate. On big turbo setup, OEM boost solenoid cannot be used to operate external wastegate.

** Option for the best electronic boost controller money can buy you will find here. Features boost by gear, and pwm tables for water methanol control. You need the 3 port.

** To operate this kit tuning solution is required, if tuning is not available we can assist you with that at additional cost, some discount will be applied.

** At additional charge we also offer our full 4.5" Velocity stack MAF Adapter intake (3D printed in Carbon Fiber Nylon or MJF PA12) With K&N filter and air guide duct that connects to OEM air ducting)

** DME software can be calibrated up to any level of boost within factory fuel limitations or combined with external port injection setup. At the customer end boost remains to be tuned, we will assist with data logging to ensure everything is operating healthy. Overboost protection can be dialed in prior customer end tuning, and it will be within OEM fueling limitations as well to MAX readings from OEM Map sensor.

** To achieve full potential of performance from this setup, additional fueling is required.

** To integrated this into the vehicle CAN via CAN bus interface to receive RPM and speed for fine tuning is a must.

Instructions Download

Note: Ships direct from manufacture in Canada and there may be a small import fee at time of delivery.