RPM POWER Engine Management R300 Turbo

RPM POWER Engine Management R300 Turbo

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Every R300 Unit starts with a genuine OEM R56 BW-CS turbocharger as core part. Engineered and enhanced to deliver optimum results while using stock motor, and supporting more advanced applications featuring built engines with additional fueling support setup.  

R300 product development featured various testing with  different configurations for turbine sizing as well compressor wheel sizing. Task for this product was to achieve spool without any lag while maintaining torque delivery  through the entire power band with no power drops in the higher rpm range. Development process involved a few different vehicles with different engine configurations. Manual Hardtop N14, Automatic Hardtop N14, Automatic AWD N18,  Stock Motor and as well Built Motor with Cylinder Head work. Each application was backed up with Dyno test as well data collected from Engine Management for analysis. Product end design achieved a truly engineered compressor housing combo between a wheel spec designed for OEM Compressor housing A/R with CNC Machine Ported Shroud and Anti Surge Inlet. Paired with a BW 9 Blade Turbine wheel and a K04 360 Degree oil bearing configuration. We also recomend a complete kit that includes everything in that area that you could need.

Each application was able to achieve similar wheel hp and tq number within limitations of the OEM Fuel system:

  • N14 Hardtop Built Engine (Forged Bottom End, Cylinder head with Catcam 603* and Supertech Valve Springs) - dyno tested at 297 whp and 294 ftlbs-wtq
  • N18 Countryman AWD JCW (Stock Engine, Catless Downpipe, Intercooler, Tune) - dyno tested at 245 awhp and 262 ft lbs wtq
  • N14 Hardtop Auto (Forged Bottom End, Water Meth Kit, Downpipe, Intercooler, Upgrade Intake Manifold) - 304Whp and 314 Wtq

In conclusion, an R300 Assembly is capable of delivering 280 Ft-lbs wheel torque at 3000 Engine RPM! With additional fueling support and hardware to improve engine flow this assembly will exceed 300whp within 1.55Bar(22.5PSI).

Each turbo comes with:

  • R300 Billet Milled compressor 6+6 blade
  • R300 Blade High-Flow Turbine Upgraded 360 Degree thrust bearing pack 
  • Assembled and core high-speed VSR balanced
  • 300WHP Capable, proven with additional fueling Plug and Play Install 
  • Made in Canada

Please note: In order to avoid Stock engine damage and safe operation, correct tuning strategy must be applied. This unit is capable of bending or breaking OEM  connecting rods and pistons. 

Note: Turbo inlet O.D. 2" To be used with OEM JCW pre turbo intake without rubber grommet, or any other aftermarket intake featuring 2" I.D.

Warranty: 1 Year, Unlimited Mileage - Applies to Original Owner from the date of Purchase. 

*** Customer Review: As far as a review, where do I begin?! I guess to understand where we are, you have to know where we came from. Owned the car about 2 years, didn’t stay stock for longer than a month! Went bolt on route and a stage 2 tune with a clutch masters clutch and lightened flywheel. Absolutely loved the car but it was time for an upgrade, and boy oh boy, was it just that! The R300 with an R400 intake delivers amazing noises (who doesn’t love cool turbo noises) but most importantly, the spool is next level. It’s hard to find an rpm that it isn’t in boost (or I can’t get my foot out of it long enough to). That being said this has got to be the best investment I’ve made for my MINI. The boost delivers almost instantly and stays in boost throughout the entire rev range. Once again I’m absolutely thrilled, and if you’re looking to lay down some real power with your MINI, without forcing the wife to leave with the kids because you spent your life savings on a big turbo setup, this is easily the best route you can go!