Vibra-Technics Lower Engine Mount G2

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MINI BMW MINI Cooper Gen 2 MIN806M - Torque Link

This redesigned lower torque arm motor mount replaces the OEM cast aluminum bracket. Made of rugged high strength welded steel, this mount bracket is fitted with a "fast road" spec rubber insulator. An essential replacement for high performance road or track day cars. The Vibra-Technics MINI Cooper Trans Mount will give you zero movement while you track your car!

Team this mount with any other Vibra-Technics mount or even a Powerflex to complete the system and nearly eliminate unwanted wheel hop during launch and anchors the drivetrain within the vehicle for the most consistent performance.


1 Review

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    Posted by Eli on 11th Jul 2023

    I am very happy with this mount. It does add a little bit of NVH but only a little bit when changing into gear at low speed, nothing at idle or when you start speeding up in 2nd gear. The NVH it does add is not enough to be annoying or make your teeth chatter. The small amount of NVH I described is worth it due to how this mount completely eliminates sloppy shifting. You feel connected to the transmission in every shift like there is no play. I noticed my steering was tighter and no more wheel hop. You seriously just feel more connected to the road. I am on stock sport suspension and this was my experience. I cannot compare to polyurethane mounts because I haven’t tried them but I am very happy I went with this product since I read some other mounts cause more NVH.