MINI Timing Chain G1

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MINI Timing Chain Kit for all Gen 1 MINI and MINI Cooper S. This kit includes both OEM chain guides, a tensioner, and chain. At the shop, we've found that if you overheat your engine or run it without oil for too long, you can wear out or break the chain guides as well as stretch the chain, or cause the tensioner to stick and fail. Also, if your engine clatters on first start up, then goes away, then this kit is for you.

As an added benefit, we are now cryogenically treating all chains and tensioners in all of our timing chain kits. The cryogenic “heat treating” process is where the material is cooled to approximately −185°C (−301°F) with the use of liquid nitrogen. This increases the amount of martensite in the steel's crystal structure, increasing its strength and hardness. This will not allow the chain to stretch or the tensioner to fail as quickly, if ever. This keeps your motor in time better as well as quicker.

While this kit is not hard to install, you do need to know what you're doing, and we highly recommend a Bentley Manual to help guide you thru the process. You're also going to need some special tools to make the job happen correctly and we rent out tools to make the job a bit easier and cost less. You will need the cam tool, belt tensioner tool, and the crank pulley tool. You should also replace the crank bolt and maybe the cam bolt.

Note: We have heard some of the chains are now coming not marked!  We are marking all of our chains in our kit now, but if you run into that problem. Pick one link and paint it a color, count 24 links and paint link 25 & 26. You will have 24 bare links between the paint marks. Only count the open face links, do not count the under links. Due to changes in production, the chains will not look like the photos anymore.