MINI N14 Timing Chain Kit

MINI N14 Timing Chain Kit

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This is the best most complete timing kit on the market! Now at a new lower price!

MINI Timing Chain Kit for any Gen 2 MINI Cooper S with the N14 motors (MINI Cooper S models from 2007 to 2010 or JCW from 2007 to 3/2013). 

If you start up your car in the morning and you hear a rattling at start up or when it's cold out, then you are having a problem. Once it starts to rattle, it can jump teeth and cause the car to run poorly. It can even get so bad as to be off several teeth, to the point you cannot drive it without any check engine lights. We have seen the tensioners come loose from the block, the tensioners fail, the chain stretch (badly), as well as the car skips teeth causing the timing to be off!

This kit includes:

  • Timing Chain ~ 11-31-8-618-317
  • Guide Rail ~ 11-31-7-568-241
  • Chain Tensioner ~ 11-31-7-534-833
  • Chain Tensioner ~ 11-31-7-607-551
  • Gasket Ring ~ 11-31-7-631-972
  • Sprocket ~ 11-21-7-588-996
  • Torx Bolt ~ 11-36-7-545-863
  • Torx Bolt ~ 11-36-7-536-087
  • Crank Bolt ~ 11-21-7-616-164
  • Side Rail ~ 11-31-7-546-697
  • Bearing Bolt ~ 11-31-7-534-771
  • Gasket Ring ~ 11-31-7-550-461
  • Bearing Bolt (x 2) ~ 11-31-7-534-768
  • O-ring (x 2) ~ 11-31-7-534-770
  • Valve Cover Gasket ~ 11-12-7-572-851
  • Cranks Seal ~ 11-11-7-568-264

This kit has all the most up-to-date parts, with the improved and longer tensioner, and we pair it all with a much needed cranks seal. Here at the shop, we have found that if you overheat your engine, follow dealer recommended oil services, or run it without oil for too long, you can wear out or break the chain guides as well as stretch the chain, and/or cause the tensioner to fail. Chain stretch seems to be the most common due to heat and lack of lubrication. Once the chain has stretched, the tensioner cannot keep the correct tensioner on the chain allowing extra wear on the tensioner causing it to fail as well as the ability for the chain to skip teeth and affect performance, as well as in extreme cases, the engine will actually crash into itself.

As an added benefit, we are cryogenically treating all chains and tensioners as well as all the bolts and sprockets in all of our timing chain kits. The cryogenic “heat treating” process is where the material is cooled to approximately −185°C (−301°F) with the use of liquid nitrogen. This increases the amount of martensite in the steel's crystal structure, increasing its strength and hardness. Which in turn will not allow the chain to stretch or the tensioner to fail as quickly, if ever. This keeps your motor in time better as well as run more quietly and last longer with the proper maintenance. We were the first company to offer this as as standard option because thru extensive testing we saw that the cryo really works and can keep parts from failing! This will be the last kit you ever need, and it's also the most complete kit on the market! Don't believe others marketing that cryo is only for race engine, every car benefits from this treatment! Note: Customer must keep oil in the car.

Note: This does require special tools to keep the cams and engine in TDC. Recommended for expert mechanics. Watch the videos below to understand it more.

Note: MUST have timing tools in place and tensioner in place. It's very important to fully understand how to time this engine.  Torque Spec Long Cam bolt: 15 ft lbs plus 180 deg. Short Cam bolt: 14.7 ft lbs plus 90 deg. Crank bolt:36.8 ft lbs ft lbs plus 100 deg. Upper Chain Guild bolts: 14.7 ft lbs. Tensioner to block 48 ft lbs. Chain guide bolts: 22.1 ft lbs.

24 Reviews

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    N14 timing chain kit

    Posted by Brandon Skyler Knutson on 29th Feb 2024

    Haven't used it yet but this is apparently the most revered kit there is and just look forward to using it here in the upcoming week. Shipping was fast and easy and the kit arrived complete with a free Keychain and sticker set. Lovely experience so far.

  • 5
    N14 Timing Chain kit

    Posted by John Malins on 13th Feb 2024

    The kit appeared to be of good quality, time will tell the story as to whether it actually is. Everything went in easily, no hang up or glitches. Delivery was super fast. Staff was very helpful.

  • 5
    N14 Timing Chain Kit

    Posted by Justin Bologna on 13th Mar 2023

    This is my 2nd time purchasing this kit. For engine rebuilds it’s perfect as I know it has all the parts I need without having to make sure I order the latest and greatest of everything. The cryo treatment is a huge plus for an already competitive priced kit. Parts come nicely wrapped and organized.

  • 5
    This kit worked great. It had all the parts needed for this repair.

    Posted by John on 4th Dec 2022

    Thanks for these parts. It's great to have everything needed for this specific repair in one kit.

  • 5
    Timing chain kit.

    Posted by Mike George on 12th Oct 2022

    This is the best available kit for mini cooper. It comes with everything you need plus stronger better built parts. The price is amazing for what you get plus cryo treated parts. Doing the timing chain is a tough job but with these parts and keeping up with maintenance,,,,you will never have to deal with the chain again. I will never understand why anyone would risk a cheap Chinese built timing chain kit off of eBay or Amazon. What are you saving ?? 100 bucks?? Get this kit and basically bullet proof the N14 engine.

  • 5
    minis are my hobby and this timing chain kit is the greatest. this the the 4th one

    Posted by george on 19th Aug 2022

    esay to use and fits great

  • 5
    N14 Timing Chain Kit

    Posted by Mike Convey on 27th May 2022

    Great Kit. All timing chain parts are IWIS, BMW valve cover gasket, Victor Reinz Crank seal. Perfect kit, what a value!

  • 5
    Timing Kit

    Posted by Caleb Dowdell on 29th Apr 2022

    Worked like a charm. Definitely agree with the most complete kit on the market. They even sent a bottle opener for the beer needed to get through the job! Fast shipping and great communication. 10/10 will use again.

  • 5
    Mini Cooper Timing Chain Kit

    Posted by Tim Coyne on 22nd Sep 2021

    Everything fit great fast shipping and great customer service .

  • 5
    Best product on the market

    Posted by Gary on 14th Sep 2021

    Awesome people to work with fast and well packed shipping would definitely buy form Detroit tuned again

  • 5
    Timing chain kit

    Posted by Alan Badger on 13th Apr 2021

    Nice kit! It was great that the kit came with new bolts for the cam sprockets, crank and chain guides also the seal.

  • 5
    Packaging, parts quality.

    Posted by on 3rd Mar 2021

    Excellent is all I can say. Suggestion: I would be cool if you included a flyer with torque numbers and anything special about installing the parts you can think of.