MINI Cooper Midland Shifter Box

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MINI Cooper Midland Shifter Box for all 2002-2004 R50 Coopers with the Midland transmission.  We have seen in the higher mileage MINI’s that the side leaver or this shifter box as well as the black guide will get excessive wear and will bind when trying to get into reverse as well as higher gears. This new part will fix it all and make it smooth shifting for another 100K miles. It’s a rather easy install as well. Just remove the battery and everything is right there. The hardest part might be getting the shifter cables off.  If your car is close to the 2004/2005 model changeover or are unsure, please give us a call and have your VIN ready and we can help you. There is also a sticker inside the driver’s door that gives a build date.

Note: Currently this part is special order and can take 4-7 days to get.