MINI Cooper JBE Fuse Box Repair

MINI Cooper JBE Fuse Box Repair

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DT JBE Repair
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This service from Detroit Tuned is for the MINI Cooper JBE Fuse Box Repair (Fuel Pump Relay). If you're having trouble with your car intermittently stalling, having no-fuel delivery, or crank no start problem, this repair service could be the answer for you. The service includes fixing the broken solder joint of the internal fuel pump relay and putting it all back together ready to reinstall. We can see the broken joint after we take it all apart before cutting it open to gain access to it. If we do not see any issue, we will contact you. After we repair the board and have it back together, we make sure there is continuity on all of our solders to make sure things are powered correctly.

Steps to get it repaired:

1.) Remove the unit from your vehicle. Do not remove anything from the unit except wire harnesses. Make sure you take care when unplugging them that you do not bend or break any of the pins. If you see any green corrosion     from water, you need to inspect it fully and make sure it's a good decision to repair it.

2.) Securely pack your unit, using the correct box size and proper package so that your unit will not get damaged during shipment. Include the following:

  •    Your Name w/ Order Number
  •    Description of Issues with your unit
  •    Vehicle Year, Make, and Model

3.) Ship your unit to:

     Detroit Tuned 1303 Anderson Rd. Clawson, MI, 48017 (shipping to us is not covered, return shipping is covered)

   We HIGHLY recommend shipping it with FedEx or UPS and INSURE the package for $496.58. If they lose it, that is what a new JBE will cost you!

When we receive the unit. We will inspect, repair and send it back within 24 hours of receiving it. Shipping includes 2 day express shipping.

Note: If we get a unit full of green corrosion and you still wish to have it repaired, we can not guarantee the work.