Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line SUPER Kit

Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line SUPER Kit

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Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line SUPER Kit! We were the first company to design the turbo oil line and also the first company to bring this complete kits to market to fix all the leaks that we see in our shop! This kit comes with everything you will need to seal up any and all the turbo oil leaks on your MINI and make it brand new, in one easy button. (We really highly recommend this kit for everyone!)

Have a leaky turbo oil feed line? The Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Line Kit is in stock, and ready to ship! This kit fixes the current stock oil line leak that happens when the line gets too hot, too many times. The stock line have an o-ring seal that allows adjustment in both directions, but the problem is the o-ring. After hundreds of heat cycles, the o-ring cooks itself and starts to leak oil onto the top of the turbo. The longer you let it go, the worse it gets. We already know the turbo engines like to use a bit of oil; now if yours has a leak, you're really going thru the oil! This kit fixes all of that, so you will never have to worry about it again.

If your car is really wet and just a really big mess, then you need all the extra stuff that comes in this kit. To complete the job correctly we paired our line with everything you see below. We have seen too many cars come back after we told them to replace the oil filter housing sealing while they were in there, because it's the same amount of work to get to the seal later. Take the time and do it right, the seal will leak later; as well as this is the new up-to-date part from MINI. This is a hard enough job, don't make it so you have to do it twice!

All parts in this kit are MINI OEM other than the Detroit Tuned Turbo Oil Feed line. We used to include a factor heat shield (11-65-7-634-747) because it was cheap at the time and could not hurt anything. But due to rising costs, and it was not needed with our line in place, we omitted it to help save you money. But if you would like to install the heat shield as well, you can buy it here. We also recommend to replace the oil cooler seals while you're in there. You might even want to change the oil and add a fresh OEM Filter while you're at it! Don't forget you will get into the coolant system when replacing the oil filter housing gasket. So you need to have all the right parts on hand before you start, and that includes the correct coolant on handIt's a good time to do a complete flush!

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Note: Fits all MINI Cooper S cars that currently come with a  turbo in the "R" car line, with the N14 or N18 motors, "JCW" or "S". This will also fit the Euro Peugeot 2007+ 207 GTI (thp175) & Peugeot 2008+ 308 Turbo "EP6DT".

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    Quality parts

    Posted by Mike on 30th Oct 2023

    Had an oil leak coming from the front of my motor, if you’re taking your motor apart, this is the kit for you just to seal everything up at one time!! Quality parts, fast shipping

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    Fixed My Issue!

    Posted by Jeremy Crane on 1st Jun 2023

    I recently bought a 2012 Mini Cooper S that had an oil leak and got a deal on it for that reason. This kit fixed that oil leak and the parts were of high quality. This issue shouldn't happen again. The install videos on their site helped a ton. I highly recommend buying this kit over the knock off Chinese stuff out there. Remember, you get what you pay for and these guys did it first!

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    Posted by JIM on 17th Feb 2023

    Great kit. I think the optional oil cooler seals are a must have. I completed the installation without putting car in service mode. An electric ratchet wrench would have been helpful but not required.
    I nicked one of the seals for the oil cooler with a utility knife opening the bag. Local Mini dealer charged me $68 + tax for the oil cooler seal kit! Ouch
    Seems like the oil line heat shield doesn't really do much but I'm not an engineer.

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    Everything you need to get the job done

    Posted by Minimoo-too on 13th Dec 2022

    Great kit to address turbo and oil filter housing oil leaks. Parts are good quality and the flexible turbo line makes it easier to route down to the engine block. I was a little nervous when tightening the banjo fittings on the lower end of the turbo flex line as it was making the line move away from the place where I wanted the line to be, but it worked out ok. Add the other set of seals for the oil filter housing so you can replace everything all at once. The job is pretty involved so make sure you give yourself plenty of time. I started WITHOUT putting the MINI in service mode, but I was struggling too much trying to get to some of the fasteners and taking some parts out, so I eventually did put it in service mode, helped A LOT.

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    Super kit

    Posted by Roger Emerson on 10th Apr 2022

    Great kit takes care of all of the n14 dreaded oil leaks! Detroit Tuned knows what they are doing putting a great kit like this together!