Detroit Tuned Turbo Inlet Flange

Detroit Tuned Turbo Inlet Flange

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The Detroit Tuned Turbo Inlet Flange (or DT TIF for short). This item presses onto the turbo compressor inlet side and allow you to use a stock or aftermarket intake hose and will prevent it from coming off! You will remove the stock factory rubber insert from inside the stock intake tube, for most applications, and you will push your stock hose over this new flange that will allow for a hose clamp to have a surface to actually tighten up against and not allow the intake tube to slide off over time. If you need to remove your intake pipe, just undo the clamp and remove like stock. The DT Turbo Inlet Flange will stay pressed in place on the turbo. If it's an aftermarket tube, you just push on and off; but again a surface in place for the clamp to not allow it to slide off!

Installs in seconds to prevent any more problems of your intake tube from coming off and throwing a check engine light because your MAP sensor is not reading correct air flow or even worse...unfiltered dirty air directly into your very expensive turbo!

Note: Will work with any rubber or silicon tube on the market, and will fit both N14 or N18 Cooper S or JCW!

Detailed Installation Instructions Coming soon!

Quick instructions:  *** SEE VIDEO ALSO ***

  • Heat the DT TIF to at least 450 deg F for 5-8 min with a propane torch.  Part must stay hot and not cool down! Work quickly!
  • You will know it's heated correctly when the anodize turns a completely different color!
  • With a heat resistant glove, push part quickly onto clean & COLD turbo flange.
  • Hold in place a for a few seconds till cool.

Note: If part doesn't slip on quickly and easily the first time all the way to the machined lip, you need MORE HEAT! It's aluminum, and cools down quickly. If it gets stuck, take a piece of 2x4 and place it flat on the face. With a large hammer give it a good hit till seated as shown in the photos.

Note: Only available in red for N14/N18 stock turbos and blue for JCW turbos!

9 Reviews

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    Awesome in every way

    Posted by Phil on 30th Dec 2020

    This is the second time I've bought the flange. I bought one a few years ago for my 07 S with a manic tune, and now another one for my 13 JCW. Why this kind of thing doesn't come from the factory instead of the stupid rubber thing is beyond me. Awesome product, worth the money, and MAPP gas heats it up faster but could also melt it... Happy driving!

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    Great product

    Posted by Justin on 19th Jun 2020

    Being as how there is no option to replace the gromet that came factory on my mini there was little choice but to buy this. However I am glad I did because I now have no worries andou the rubber one breaking down , getting in to and destroying my turbo. Worked just like in the video only I didnt have a torch so I used my grill to heat it up. Worked great either way.

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    Great product for 2007 Mini Cooper S

    Posted by Rod Feigle on 16th Sep 2017

    After trying different ways to keep the original turbo inlet tube from sliding off, I saw this turbo inlet flange from Detroit Tuned. What a great idea! I was a little hesitant after reading where some had gotten it stuck halfway on, so I waited for a cool morning, 50's this morning, and got out my propane torch and my channel locks. Heated the flange until it turned orange, as per the instructions, heated it a little more, and the flange slipped onto the turbo inlet perfectly! Then replaced the inlet tube with the Forge silicon inlet tube (tight fit but the Forge does slip on) and YEAH! No more inlet tube slipping off the turbo!!!!! Thanks Detroit Tuned for coming up with this great product!

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    Great Item!

    Posted by todd on 27th Feb 2017

    Installed this in like 10 min. Easy to do and really holds the pipe now. I used a torch long enough to see the color turn to orangeish and picked it up with an oven mit. It slid right on without issue. Wish I did this years ago vs fighting with the factory rubber crap.

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    Works great

    Posted by Tag1260 on 24th Nov 2016

    Mine is the review by unknown made earlier. Thought I'd do a follow up. This may be hands down the best mod I've made to my MINI. I had been through several of these factory jobs but this one is the best. Put it on and forget about it. No more checking to see if the tube is about to fall off.

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    Should have done this YEARS ago!

    Posted by basil49 on 10th Oct 2016

    Added this to my N14 engine after replacing the (expensive) factory inlet hose and rubber bushing a second time.
    Took no time at all to install, and does the mechanical job that BMW SHOULD have designed.
    Also makes my Defenders of Speed (DoS) Cold Air Intake at the other end of the hose a LOT more secure!

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    Works great

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jul 2016

    Was skeptical of this product but I went ahead and put this on the other day. At 500 degrees it cooled too fast but on the second attempt (yes I got it off) I went to 600 degrees and it slid on just like in the video. Time will tell how it stays on but so far so good.

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    Posted by Nancy Mizak on 7th May 2015

    Turbo inlet hose secure again on my N18 engine. Approached this as a preventive measure till I touched the inlet hose to discover it was loose and just sitting there. Awesome fix.....thanks Chad!

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    Great idea but couldn't get it on

    Posted by andrew on 23rd Apr 2015

    I was so exited when I saw this item existed! The turbo inlet pipe always slips off the turbo and this looked like the perfect solution. $40 was a bit more than I wanted to pay but I had great success with the DT turbo oil line kit so I went for it.
    Unfortunately, this didn't work out for me.
    The directions say to heat the part in an oven at 250° And then quickly slip it on the turbo. I tried many times, even raising the temp of the oven to 350°, sprinting over to the car- no luck.
    Called DT for advise. Does it need to be forced on? "No, it should just slide right on" I was told. They suggested using a torch if I had one, so I did.
    Big mistake.
    The cold aluminum of the turbo chilled the flange before I could slide it fully into place. As soon as it touched it seemed to fuse and I couldn't budge it off or on. I was afraid this would happen, but trusted that it would work as described.
    So I tried heating the flange gently just to get it off, but the engine compartment is so right that I was afraid I would melt the plastics nearby, even with the flame proof rag I used.
    Ultimately I had to use a Dremel to slice the flange enough to tweak it open with a flathead. It put a shallow gash in the turbo but I don't think it will matter.
    It seems like a great solution, and maybe it is... I just failed miserably at this fix. Could it be that there is variation on the diameter of the turbos in these cars, making it not certain that the flange will work?
    Anyway, I'm not a mechanic, but beware if you think this is an easy solution to your turbo problems.
    I hate to give negative review. I still like Detroit Tuned.

    DT EDIT: You just needed more heat! We have installed several of these at the shop as well as one in my kitchen. We have not had any problems with installing one to date. If the part doesn't slide on quickly and easily the first time. MORE HEAT!