MINI Valve Cover Stud

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MINI Cooper Valve Cover Stud 11-12-1-487-178. This is a replacement stud for all Gen 1 MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S's (R50, R52, R53). This is a special m6x1.00 threaded stud (65mm total length) with special collar that will only allow it to be tightened to a certain depth and has a special sealing ring to keep oil in and air out. Officially the car came with 4, but it really only needs 3 and you could use the bolts in the other place. These really only need replacing when they rust and can't get them out when the head rounds out.  These studs are used to hold a wire loom in place in special areas. Normally you need one on the driver's side of the head near the harness, as well as 2 on the driver's rear corner to hold a harness to the coil.  There is also one in the front driver's corner that doesn't hold anything. DT Tip: Jam an English socket onto it if it becomes rounded. It can help to take it out rather than cutting or drilling.

Note: Torque to 9 ft lbs.