MINI Turbo Coolant Return Line N18 Metal

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Turbo Cool Metal KIT
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MINI Cooper S Turbo Coolant Return Lines run from the turbo to the bottom of the thermostat as well as the expansion tank for all N18 motors. When doing an oil service on your Cooper S N18 motor, you need to slide the tank out of the way to get to oil filter. MINI made this hose really short and tight and as you move the tank out of the way it can snap the plastic fitting as shown in the photos. The plastic fitting over years of heat just becomes brittle. This new part has an aluminum joint to fix they issue of breakage and comes with all new clamps, bolt, & crush washers.  Fits the N18 Cooper S engine and is the best design yet. If you need the supporting line that attaches to the tank, you can find it here.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) MINI Turbo Coolant Return Line N18 with metal fitting
  • (1) MINI Turbo Coolant Lines Hollow Bolt 07-11-9-905-973
  • (2) MINI Crush Washer 07-11-9-963-201