MINI Oil Filter - Gen 3 Early

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MINI Cooper and Cooper S oil filter for all the gen 3 ( F56 ) cars UP TO 06/20! If your after 06/2020 you need this filter.

All these performance-enhancing parts are for nothing if you don't keep your MINI's oil clean! We recommend changing your MINI's oil with full-synthetic oil and new OEM filter every 5,000 miles. We only use the authentic MINI Oil Filter. This filter kit comes with a new MINI OEM oil filter, the o-ring, crush washer, and new filter canister drain plug..

Fits all Gen 3 2014-06/2020 Coopers & Cooper S, All F cars (F54, F55, F56, F57, F60). Save when you buy more! Same amount of shipping and we give you 10% when buying in bulk!

You think that an OEM filter costs too much?  See how the cheap aftermarket fail leaving your car to have unfiltered oil or low oil pressure.