MINI Front Wheel Speed Sensor G2 AFTER

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This MINI Front Wheel Speed Sensor will fit the front of any Gen 2 car, left or right.   We normally stock the Bosch ones, which is the OEM manufacture. But sometimes we have to get a another qulaity brand which is also a very quality unit that we like because of supply chain issues. Beware of cheaper aftermarket units as they normally do not work the way you want it to.  If you're getting an ABS light this will normally solve the problem, but you do need a special computer to figure out which sensor you need. Once you put the new sensor in and start driving, the light will go out and work like normal. But you should clear out the stored codes, again you will need that special computer. A standard OBDII scanner will not read or clear these codes. Also, many times this sensor will break coming out and be frozen in place due to rust. You may have to drill out the old unit and oversize the hole by 1/32 to make room for the new sensor to go in without damage. Take note that when you're drilling thru to be careful to not nick the tone ring on the wheel bearing as you will have to replace it as well. Also keep in mind that the reason the sensor could be bad is excessive movement in the wheel bearing; or it got pulled when installing shocks or something like that.