MINI Engine Mount Mount F60 4cyl/Pass/Man

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The F-Car cars are starting to see failed motor mount. You can tell by looking at it to see if it has rips in the rubber where it has leaked out all the fluids (see photos). Once this motor mount fails you will get some extra engine movement and any time the engine is moving in the mounts is less power you're putting to the ground! It can also start to push the center section out towards the head light where it will put stress on and rub a wire harness.  We also highly recommend the option of installing the Powerflex mount bushings to take up all the  open spaces after the repair so that this will not happen to you again. Fits the B46, B46C, B48, & B48D Engines. Fits the models below with 4 cyl manual transmissions.  If you have any questions on which mount to buy, send us your VIN and can can let you know.  Need an A/C line clip?


  • MINI Countryman F60   (11/2015 — Current)