MINI Early Motor Mount

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The early model Gen 1 R50/R53 cars can see a failed motor mount. You can tell by looking at it to see if it has sunk into itself. Once this motor mount fails you will go through axle boots on the pass side axle (inner boot). So if you've had to replace it, take a look at your motor mount. Most people don't know this mount is also hydraulic filled like the late motor mount, but doesn't leak all over like the late mounts do. If yours has failed, we recommend replacing it with this MINI motor mount if you do not want any extra vibrations. Comes with one OEM motor mount and one lower bolt (Part No. 222-11-6-759-570 M10 x 110mm).

Looking for the late mount? Take a look here.

Note: Will ONLY fit 2002-12/2003 MC/MCS (R50/R53). (Generation 1 Cars)

Note: You will need a Torx E12 Socket for the lower bolt.