MINI Cooper Wheel Stud Kit

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Wheel Stud Kit
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The Wheel Mate Wheel Stud Conversion converts from M14x1.25 to M14x1.5  and are 75mm (2.95 Inch) Long with a Nickel Finish .We paired these studs with a set of open ended black lug nut. MINI had to be difficult and make the treads 1.25 when the 1.50 thread pitch is so much more common. These are even better if you are racing or plan on running spacers to clear coil overs. Studs will not loosen up like wheel lugs can. So after you have checked your torque once, more than likely they are going to stay that way. It also will make changing wheels easier!

Note: Kit contains 20 Studs w/Nuts that will fit all gen 3 MINI's with 5 Lug wheels. Will also fit very late gen 1's and all gen 2's, you will just have 4 spare studs and nuts