MINI Cooper S N18 High Pressure Fuel Pump Late

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The MINI Cooper S N18 High Pressure Fuel Pump will fix the fuel starvation issue you're having with your MINI. The proper way to know for sure that the HPFP is going out is with a special computer that can see rail pressure at startup. You can compare the number you are getting to the number of what it is supposed to be. If you don’t see the value that it needs to be, then it needs replacing. Or you will get a High Pressure Plausibility code. The way you know your MINI is having a problem is if it runs really rough on start up, but better after it warms up. Another clue is getting a misfire code. This pump has been replaced a lot under warranty through the dealerships so even if you’re out of warranty, check with them to see if this is covered with a quick phone call. But if it's not, here's a quick and easy solution to fix the problem. This for the most part is an easy bolt on. The hardest part is getting the fuel line off. But with a few screwdrivers and a buddy you will get it off (i.e.: press in on the black squares and pull off). Let us know how we can help! It will fit all N18 motors from 03/2012 to 03/2014. Look closely at the photos to make sure you get the correct pump, or call us with your VIN and we can check to see which pump is right for your car! Comes with adapter 12-51-8-638-006.

Note: Check with your dealer to see if an extended warranty is in effect for your pump before ordering! No returns after purchase!