MINI Cooper S Direct Injection Tool Rental

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83-30-0-495-756 Rental
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MINI Cooper S Direct Injection Tool Rental! This tool is a must to install injector seals on all direct injection engines that came in the MINI Cooper S (N14 & N18). It comes with several parts that make the job a lot easier, as well as getting the parts to fit back in. The pliers-like tool helps cut the old seal off, but we find this tool only really works about 50% of the time. The part you really need is the special tip that will stretch the Teflon out evenly to get over the end of the clean injector. As well as the second part that you must have the 3 fitting to shrink it back down to the correct size to let it seal in the head. You do not want a leak! The first size will be a bit loose, the second will be tighter, the third will be tight and you will want to leave it on for a short time and install the injector in the head directly after taking it back out.

Don't forget the quality injector seals!  Early Parts or Late Parts!

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Note: Tool rental is for two weeks from time of delivery; if not returned in that time the full new price $150.00 will not be refunded. Please be as quick as you can with the tool as other people are waiting to use it as soon as it comes back. Part must be shipped back at renter's expense. We recommend shipping with insurance on the part, as you are responsible for loss or damage on the return shipment. Take care with this tool as you are responsible for any damage to it in your care.