KING Main Bearings G1

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These King Main Bearings are an excellent choice when you want to rebuild your engine with better, strong parts. Fits the R52 & R53 MINI Cooper S with the W11 Supercharged Engine.

Successful race engine builders are constantly pushing the limits of load capacity to new levels. Race bearings today inevitably need to match these demands with more competitive bearings. At King Racing they met the challenge with the XP high performance bearings series.

King Performance Engine Bearings feature:

  • “Bull’s Eye Tolerance”*. King engine bearings have the closest wall tolerances in the industry, with all shells matched to 0.0001".
  • Increased Height.* Greater rod bearing height improves bearing-to-bore contact/heat transfer and reduces spin potential at high RPM.
  • Improved Oiling.* Mains feature enlarged, chamfered oil holes.
  • Medium Eccentricity.* This enables optimum load distribution and improved oiling.
  • Dowel Holes.* Most rod bearings are available with or without dowel holes.
  • Narrowed Design.* Mains and rods are narrowed for large-radius crankshafts.15% - 30% greater load capacity than traditional bearings
  • The SecureBond unique adhesion process, for superior stability between the top and intermediate layers
  • 0.0005" metallurgically enhanced and hardened performance overlay withstands greater loads and better resists surface fatigue
  • Mains are 1/2 grooved for uncompromised lower shell load capacity
Note: We stock some sizes, other sizes are special orders. If your build is time sensitive, give us a call to check on stock.