Forge Rear Control Arms

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Forge Adjustable Rear Control Arms are perfect for lowered MINIs. They have an adjustment range from zero to negative four degrees for increased rear camber. Each link is simply adjusted by loosening the lock nuts and then rotating the hex center for more or less camber. The rear camber links are designed and tested to suit any street or track environment. Each link comes fully built from Forge and should be set to the stock length to start. Durable, yet highly functional, the Forge Camber Links give you the freedom to set your MINI's rear camber to any setting. You will need an alignment right after installing these to make sure you do not get unwanted tire wear.


  • Manufactured from the highest quality high tensile steel and with EN16T adjusters.
  • Supplied with custom made dirt ingress covers.
  • Forge Mini tie bars are enhanced with a corrosion resistant powder coating process to ensure the   maximum longevity even in the worst environments.
  • Fitted with high performance Powerflex polyurethane bushes which use advanced unique technology.
  • Manufactured in the UK and covered by our industry leading Lifetime warranty.

Note: To get the correct rear camber adjustment when you lower your car, you only need a set of two to replace both rear lower control arms. You would only need 4 unless you are setting up a race car, the car has been in an accident, or ran out of adjustment on the toe.