MINI Cooper Stainless Steel Brake Lines

DT SS Brake Lines G1

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DT SS Lines G1
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Looking to upgrade your brakes? These stainless steel brake lines will fit perfectly while giving a better braking feel. We only use OEM bushings on our lines so they stay clipped in their proper place on the shock. We can get you any combination you need, for any year. Need R56 front lines because you're adding a R56 Brakes to a R53? We have you covered, just order the correct sets of two. Need help? Give us a call and we can get you the right part quickly and easily.


  • DT 1 ~ Gen 1 Front and Rear Lines for '02- May '03 (Banjo Fittings Front and Rear) w/ crush washers
  • DT 2 ~ Gen 1 Front and Rear Lines for May '03-'06 (Banjo Fittings Front, AN Fittings Rear) w/ crush washers
  • DT 3 ~ Gen 1 Rear Lines for '02-May '03 (Banjo) w/ crush washers
  • DT 4 ~ Gen 1 Rear Lines for May '03-'06 (AN Style Fittings)
  • DT 5 ~ Gen 1 Front Lines for '02-'06/'08 Conv. (Banjo Fittings) w/ crush washers (Fits Gen 1 JCW Brake Kits up to end of '06)

Note:  The rubber bushing is just placed in the line during manufacturing and needs to be adjusted to make sure the line is routed correctly. It helps to put a bit of lube on the line at the bushing, slowly working it around a bit, pulling back and forth and twisting. Once you get a bit of lube in there, it will slide easy. You need to have the biggest service loop from the shock to the body, with the smallest length from the shock to the caliper, just make sure it's not touching anything and you’re good to go. This can be done for all of the lines, any position on the car, any year.  MAKE SURE THE LINE IS NOT RUBBING ON THE WHEEL IN THE FRONT!