Dorman Fan Relay Kit

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If you are having problems with your low speed fan on your first generation MINI, then you need this relay kit to fix the bad diode. This will work for both fan units, the one connector harness, or the two connector harness. You just need to wire it in a bit different than the directions show. Very simple and easy to install, and saves you from having to buy a whole new fan assembly at a cost of $290.00!

The only way to truly test the fan is with one of several special programs on the market. You hook it up to the car, like a code reader, then you can turn the fan speeds on one at a time to make sure they both work. Without this program, you can turn the air conditioning on and let the car idle. The fan will run in low speed for a few seconds, every 60 seconds.

Give us a call if you have any questions, but we have installed many of these kits, and they work great.

NOTE: Most cars have a one plug fan and the kit will install like the directions, but if you have a car that has two plugs, then your relay is up in the fan. This kit will still work just fine but has to be wired in a bit different. See the photo of how to wire it in above or see our great how-to below. The green wire is no longer used and the red wires hook up in the same manor, just one of them come out of the relay now. With a bit of grinding on the plastic housing, you can clip the relay in like shown.

Scanned Instructions (Zoom in for a better read) Directions note: The directions say that Dorman supplies butt connectors, but they do not. Sorry. The wires should be soldered for the best, long term connection. See our much better directions below!

Detroit Tuned Fan Relay How-To