Detroit Tuned License Plate Frame

Detroit Tuned License Plate Frame

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0.10 LBS
$9.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

We had a lot of people asking for a Detroit Tuned License Plate Frame; so when we celebrated our 10 years of being in business, we made this sleek and stylish plate frame! It comes in black with our dot com logo with tag line in your choice of four great colors: Red, White, Blue, or Yellow. One should match well to any MINI out there. Just pick the color that you like best. It also comes with 4 bolt holes so that you can bolt it and your plate down correctly and not get any vibrations. We also went with the "high field of view" version so that your tags and state will always show so johnny law will not want to pull you over. Most of the time, anytime you place an order, you're going to get one, and more than likely you going to get a white or red, but if you have a choice, drop a note in the order box that you want one and what color. If needed, we also have new MINI License Plate Brackets if your old one breaks.


Send us a photo of it on your car & custom plate!


Note: Fits all MINI's.